Shakti Technology 52CC Earth Auger with Bit Petrol Engine Hole Digger (12″ X 32″)


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  • Engine Type: Shakti Technology 2 Cycle 52CC Displacement. Gasoline Oil: Fuel Mixture: 25:1. Designed with a manual kick start easy fuel delivery system, allowing for a quick pull start action and built-in translucent fuel tank, making it easy to track the correct fuel level.

  • Ergonomic Design: compact structure, convenient operation and accurate, easy to use & economical. This earth auger drill can be easily completed by one or two people in a variety of tasks.

  • Earth Auger is an Ideal Tool: The auger power with post hole pole digger is ideal for quickly drilling into the earth in order to set into the ground. The post hole digger gives you enough power to efficiently dig and bore drill through holes for decks, fence posts, tree planting, shrub sand others.

  • Double Handle Design: Provides maximum leverage and stability for augers & posthole diggers . The earth auger has a straight through gearbox, which, unlike side mounted engines, is more robust and unlikely to cut gears.